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Welcome to AACSB's Societal Impact Dashboard

Exploring the work of others is often necessary to initiate broader change. The AACSB Societal Impact Dashboard is our first step in reporting out the how the AACSB community is creating societal impact.

Organization Reporting Goals And Impact


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Please feel free to explore the work that the AACSB community has done towards various U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. While AACSB schools are not required to subscribe to the U.N. SDG framework, AACSB has chosen this widely adopted framework to align future reporting, assessment, and planning. We thank all 73 organizations for taking the time to share the goal commitments and the organizations who additionally have given us permission to share specific outcomes that they have generated for their goals.

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This first round of surveys was collected from AACSB-accredited schools that were visited under the 2020 accreditation standards in 2021-22.